A Quote to Inspire the Artist in Each of Us

Many people we’ve run into seem to think they aren’t artists because they can’t draw or paint anything more than a stick figure (at best).

At Whirled Tree Arts, we like to believe that if you can make a mark on a page then you can make art.  Our art is about the process, not the product.  What’s good art or bad art? What’s pretty versus ugly? If you had fun doing it, does it matter what it looks like? If it expresses a thought, feeling or idea that has value to you, then shouldn’t the image and the experience of making the image have value too?

As this quote states, the desire to create is a natural part of being human.  Don’t deny the urge! We dare you to pick up a pencil or pen and make a little something today. Perhaps it will be the best, most liberating stick figure you’ve made since you were twelve…

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