Art for your kids!

It’s the weekend…do you have plans? How will your children be spending their time?  How about with an art activity that is simple, fun and educational…

This little video from YouTube is a cute demonstration of a super easy, SUPER affordable creative activity for your little ones. With just 3 simple ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen (milk, dish soap, food coloring) your kids will be entertained endlessly with the magic of mixing colors and creating marbleized shapes and designs.  Plus it’s educational and enriching for all ages. What will they learn? Relationships between cause and effect, colors, color mixing, sensory integration, just to name a few.

Put the screens away and try this out!

Try this variation too:

  • food coloring and shaving cream (or whipped cream for an edible version): spread a layer of cream on a tray, drop some food coloring on top, swirl the colors with a toothpick, press some white paper down on the design. Remove the paper and wipe away the cream to see your designs on the page! Use the paper in crafts: make a book, make a collage, write a letter…the possibilities are endless.

shavingcreamart-1024x576click the photo for more great ideas from a Whirled Tree favorite resource.

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