Startups, artists and the Big Bang Theory

To start something that did not exist before is hard. Like the Big Bang Theory. This is what artists do. This is what entrepreneurs do. This is what writers do and parents and innovators and architects and gardeners and potters and sculptors and and and.

I’ve created lots of things that did not exist before I influenced them into being.

Like this:image

and this:


and this:


and of course this piece that you are reading right now and even bigger, the Whirled Tree Arts organization that this blog is a facet of.

There are days when any one of us “creators of things that once did not exist” feel a bit confused or doubtful. Does what I’m doing matter? Does anyone care but me? Will anyone see it, love it, listen to it, read it, care for it like I do? Will I finish it? Will I know when it is finished?

In regard to business development, the questions of, is this idea stupid? Will people ever invest in my idea? Will it ever be as big as I want it to be? Or scarier, what if it grows bigger?! Beyond my wildest dreams?!  These questions and their messy, fumbling quasi-answers are poignantly recorded on the Podcast “Startup” which I’ve been listening to, binge style, all morning.  In “Startup“, former This American Life producer Alex Blumberg shares his account of his start-up process as he makes the leap from “man to businessman.” The episodes are raw and funny and so relatably TRUE to the sentiments, haps and mishaps of what starting a business is like. I think the reason I can’t stop listening is because hearing his experience is a huge relief: I’m not alone. Maybe I’m not such an idiot after all. Maybe ALL entrepreneurs and business owners fumble along in self-doubt. Maybe it’s part of the process and what makes the success stories so….successful.

Another reason why I love “Startup” is because it reminds me that as soon as you start, you’ve already made something that wasn’t there before and as an optimist, I see that as a miraculous success in itself. Like the Big Bang Theory.

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